Sleeve Right
the Human Bean Sleeves, Over Print

the Human Bean Sleeves, Over Print

  • MANNY BENEFITS: The small fits both 12 and 16 ounce paper, glass or plastic cups, the large size fits 16, 20 and some 24 ounce cups. Keeps your hands both warm and cold depending on the type of drink! Warm hands with a cold drink, and keeps hands cool with hot beverages.
  •  The sleeve insulators are extremely durable and are cable of fitting your paper or plastic coffee cup with a gripping fit!
  • EASILY COLLAPSIBLE FOR STORAGE: Once you done, fold the sleeve and put it away. They are compact and lightweight.
No Tree's Harmed!!   Save the Tree's and Do Something About It.

Be Ecologically friendly and use your own sleeve that actually works.

Sleeve Right protects the hand from the cold, absorbs the condensate moisture, and provides a warm and comfortable feel to the hand.

The Sleeve Right sleeve actually grips the cup and will not fall off. The exterior of Sleeve Right provides a positive grip to the hand while providing thermal protection.

  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Protects hands from cups heat and cold
  • Presents cold drinks perfectly, no wet hands
  • Absorbs condensation from cold cups

99.99 USD